Project Category: Institutional

  • TAV College

    TAV College

    As part of a TAV College revamp, we deconstructed and rebuilt the exterior envelope of the original building, upgraded its thermal and energy efficiency with modern products and materials, and decked it out with beautiful new natural stone Thin-Clad Rainscreen from Arriscraft.

  • Chabad Mile End

    Chabad Mile End

    When Chabad Mile End purchased their Parc Avenue location, the building required major structural work to convert the space into a Synagogue and Jewish community centre.

  • Rabbinical College

    Rabbinical College

    After a year spent educating students over Zoom, Rabbinical College, a school in the Cote-des-Neiges borough of Montreal, gathered the funds for a full scale renovation of their 30,000 square foot building. With classes starting in September, we were given six weeks (during the height of the pandemic when Canada faced serious labor and material…

  • Mikvah Israel

    Mikvah Israel

    Four new Mikvahs were developed and constructed under the guidance and oversight of numerous local and international rabbis, to ensure it meets the standards of every group within the Jewish community of Montreal.